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Posted on: July 9, 2009 2:10 pm

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Angels get their wings clipped by Rangers, dropping 2 of 3

Andruw Jones isn't quite done yet, apparently. That or he was saving whatever was left in his tank to hammer the Halos in Wednesday night's finale between the Angels and Rangers. Seriously Andruw, three bombs? Just ridiculous. But the real star was Vicente Padilla, who held the Angels to a single run and didn't hit anyone in the head with a 94 mph fastball. Ervin was terrible again. His fastball velocity and depth on his breaking pitches was pretty solid, but he had NO IDEA where any of them were going. I'm really not too concerned with John Lackey's recent struggles, but Ervin scares me. He is not mentally tough enough to battle through things like this. Maybe some time off at the All-Star break will do him good. So much for the rotation rounding into shape, huh?

So after last night's a$$ whipping, the Angels are 2-7 vs. the Rangers and 11-16 vs. the AL West as a whole. Not good, people. I'm beginning to think the team's fortunes against the NL West were a mirage and that we may not be as good as I thought. I'm not sure. We're probably good enough to contend for the West with Texas (M's will fade...at some point), but not much else. And now with more injuries to Vlad, and more importantly, Torii Hunter, things aren't looking too good. All that said, we're only a game out of first and it's early July. Should be interesting the rest of the way, at the very least.

You've probably heard that the Blue Jays are "listening to offers" for Roy Halladay. According to Steve Bisheff of the LA Times, the Angels may be players, or at the very least, have the Major League talent and prospects needed to make a deal. It would obviously cost A LOT. Bisheff is guessing Napoli or Mathis, Aybar and Howie Kendrick, Sean O'Sullivan, Brandon Wood and Trevor Reckling. A lot, indeed. I don't see the Halos as players in the Halladay talks, and really, I don't think the Jays move him at all.

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